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Nylon Cable Ties & Accessories - Overview & Material Characteristics

Range Overview
Detailed on these pages are the two most popular cable tie types which are typically supplied in Nylon 6.6 material. Alternative materials are also available that offer different characteristics, as can be established from the chart download as PDF below.

• Pan-Ty® Locking Cable Ties
• Dome-Top® Barb Ty Cable Ties

These two products and others are available in a broad range of materials, other than the standard Nylon 6.6 as listed. A range of alternative materials, together with their performance characteristics are reviewed in the PDF download below. The materials described are available on most variants of Pan-Ty cable tie, whilst the Dome-Top cable tie has a more limited choice of materials. For more information on these cable ties and others please contact us.

Alternative materials include the following;
• Nylon 6.6 variants including weather resistant, heat stabilised and flame retardant
• Nylon 12 Weather Resistant
• Polypropelene
• Metal Detectable Nylon 6.6
• Metal Detectable Polypropelene

Further information is available via the PDF below.
Download the PDF for: Cable Ties - Material Characteristics

Cable Management Characteristics image

Non Standard Cable Tie Options
A comprehensive selection of cable tie styles, sizes, materials and colours to meet customers needs are available. Available cable ties to bundle, mount and identify in countless indoor, outdoor and harsh environment applications. For more details on our range for your specific application please contact us directly as we shall be able to help you. Outlined here are a few examples of additional cable tie variants.

Download PDF for: Non Standard Cable Tie Options

Cable Management Variants image

For further information please see either the PDF links above, or for additional assistance please contact us:
USA Sales: Phone us on +1 (317) 244 6643 or email us at usasales@rayfast.com
UK/Europe Sales: Phone us on +44(0) 1793 439144 or email us at uksales@rayfast.com


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