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Spring-Fast® - Protective Grommet Edging

Spring-Fast® is a revolutionary composite grommet edging, which is fast becoming a market leader in the field of wire and cable protection. Spring-Fast® provides the fastest, safest and most effective method of abrasion protection available.

The Spring-Fast® grommet edging is currently used throughout the Aerospace market to protect cables running through aircraft bulkheads.

Spring-Fast® applications include:
• Satellites & Missiles
• Shipboard & Airborne equipment
• Refridgeration & Air conditioning equipment
• Un-interruptable power supplies
• Instrumentation & Control panels
• Lighting systems

Features & Benefits
• MIL Spec qualified
• Flexible construction to fit a wide range of applications
• No adhesive/curing time required to apply the grommet - snap on fit
• Saves considerable installation time
• No hazardous adhesives and solvents required during application
• Vibration proof
• Abrasion resistant
• Chemical resistant
• Long life expectancy
• Excellent performance under extreme temperatures and humidities
• Expansion co-efficient that closely matches the host material

Spring-Fast® was developed to provide increased performance and safety characteristics over the older nylon type protective edging. The Spring-Fast® edging is safer and more reliable because it is constructed from a composite of polymer encapsulated stainless steel, which is further enhanced by an additional polymer cushion.

Spring-Fast® mechanically locks on to any two axis contour with finger pressure in seconds, smoothing over any sharp edges that can come into contact with wire & cable harnesses, eliminating the problem of damage through vibration and subsequent abrasion.

Specifications / Approvals
• UL94 V0 Compliant
• FAA/CAA Recognised
• NASM 22529 Qualified

Download the PDF for Spring-Fast® Edging

sleeving Springfast image


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