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Hall Effect Proportional Output Devices

Pushbutton Switches
Pushbutton switches are designated as the HP7 andHPL series; these momentary action devices utilise Hall Effect sensor technology for long life contactlessswitching, with up to 10 million cycles. Available in dust tight and moisture proof sealed configurations,or optional IP68S.

Linear Output Switches
The HPL linear output switch is a revolutionary switch utilising Hall Effect technology to provide the user with an output proportional to the travel of the button. The HPL delivers up to 10 million cycles. This is an ideal control device for valves and variable speed drives and can be used in industrial control, heavy equipment and material handling applications.

The HTW series of thumbwheels is a spring-return to-centre, single axis thumbwheel with an actuator that provides linear change in voltage output in either direction from centre.

Rocker and paddle Switches
Available as the HFNR is a compact 3 position Hall Effect forward/neutral/reverse rocker switch and U2 proportional. Paddle and lever style switches also available as HPW switches.

The JH series 'Hall Effect' joystick is designed around the rugged mechanism of a traditional 2 and 4 way hydraulic joystick, with a non-contacting Hall Effect technology for increased life and more dependable performance in the field. A medium size JHM joystick is also available.

Mini and Finger Joysticks
Miniature Hall Effect joysticks of the JHT series offer a compact design, where space is limited and precision control is required, tested to 5 million cycles. The HTL series finger joystick provides all the performance of a full size, dual axis joystick in a miniature package that can be mounted in control handles, armrests and panels.

The HJFC series footpedal is built to perform under the worst possible conditions. The unique design places Hall Effect sensors and electronics behind a solid plastic diaphragm that separates top and bottom halves of the foot pedal, sealing the electronics in an IP68S rated enclosure. Available in J1939 and CANopenŽ formats.

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switches hall effect image

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