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Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot-Melt Thermoplastic Tapes

Selection of hot-melt thermoplastic adhesive tapes for high performance applications.

S1015 - General Purpose
Tough yet flexible adhesive for bonding polyolefins, vinyls, neoprene and metals such as steel and aluminium.

S1030 - Low temperature
A polyolefin based tape, operates down to -80ºC.

S1048 - High Strength
An extra strong hot melt adhesive tape.

S1297 - High Performance
Heavy duty tape adhesive for Polyethylene, PVC, Polychloroprene and metals such as steel and aluminium.

S1255-04 - High Temperature
Matches the superior chemical and heat resistance properties of fluoroelastomeric materials, operates up to +200ºC.

S1305 - Halogen Free
Flame retardant halogen free grey butyl sealant.

For further information please see either the PDF below, or elsewhere in this section. For additional information or assistance please contact us on +44 (0) 1793 616700 or email us at uksales@is-rayfast.com.

Download PDF for additional information: Hot Melt Tapes

Hot Melt Adhesives


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