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Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is a fluorocarbon polymer insulation material that allows wiring systems to be used and operated in the most demanding of environments. PTFE is resistant to lunricants and fuels, very flexible, plus it has excellent thermal and electrical properties. Particuarly suitable for applications requiring high levels of thermal and chemical resistance.

Features & Benefits
• Mechanically tough and flexible
• Excellent temperature performance
• Very high dielectric performance
• Non flammable / flame resistant
• Excellent chemical resistance
• Silver and Nickel plated conductors
• Water repellent

Operating Temperature
• -75ºC to +200ºC (Silver plated copper)
• -75ºC to +260ºC (Nickel plated copper)

Specifications / Approvals
• BS3G210
• MIL-W-16878

Voltage Rating
• 300, 600 & 1000 volts

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