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Cheminax - Small, Lightweight Coaxial Cables

Cheminax controlled electrical cables are used in the aircraft and aerospace industries. They have a wide range of applications in missiles, avionics, radio frequency and microwave systems, computers, security and surveillance systems and communications.

Cheminax coaxial cables were designed to solve interconnect problems in electronic systems, such as computers, military equipment and other areas of high-density packing, where cables are required to perform to more exacting specifications than standard radio grade (RG) or UL recognised (UR) constructions.

Cheminax coaxial cables offer a smaller and lighter solution than standard RG and UR cables.

Features & Benefits
• Small size and lightweight
• Low capacitance and attenuation
• High velocity of propagation
• High flexibility

Operating Temperature
• -65ºC to 200ºC

The linked PDF below also illustrates alternative suggestions against both RG/U and UR part numbers.

Download the PDF for Cheminax - Small Lightweight Coaxial Cables



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