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Control & Custom Grips

G2 Aerospace and Military Control Grips
These G2 grips perform every day in some of the toughest applications from military ground vehicles, throttle quadrant and control grips for fixed wing aircarft, to helicopter cyclic collective grips. The manufacturer is registered to ISO 9001:2008, AS9100C and FAA Part 145 Repair Station.

• Military ground support grips: Custom machined heads, backlighting
• Flight control grips (including MIL-DTL-25561)
• throttle control grips
• Helicoptor cyclic and collective grips

G3 Universal and Commercial Grips
• Universal grips - G3 universal grips can be customised for top of the line machines requiring high switch content or to provide only basic control functions on lower tier units. Modular design, developed for use with standard pushbuttons, toggles and rockers. Both the G3-0100 small universal grip and the G3-0101 medium universal grip are easily customised with multiple switch configurations quickly and without tooling charges.

• Dual grip remotes - The G3-0360 is a durable remote, lightweight grip. Its ergonomic design allows for comfortable extended use and its moulded body eliminates the need for tooling charges. Can be configured with numerous standard HTL and P7 series switches, with your choice of button styles and colours. Ideal for controlling unmanned vehicles, unattended ground sensors and or other remote controlled applications

• Commercial grips - Typical applications in off-highway, material handling, specialised equipment and agricultural equipment markets. Numerous standard designs are available in rugged thermoplastic, 'soft touch', cast aluminium and steel, with custom made solutions available.

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switches grips image

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