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SolderShield® - Shielded & Co-axial Splices

The question is, how to meet growing performance requirements for shielded cable system fabrication and maintenance while minimising electromagnetic interference (EMI). The answer is SolderShield cable splices. SolderShield devices are one piece products consisting of a flux coated, solder impregnated copper shield braid encased in a heat shrinkable insulation sleeve, with crimp wire connectors.

Conductor splices are made using MiniSeal crimp products which are recognised by MIL-S-81824 and MIL-W-5088.

SolderShield cable to cable splice kits, designed for single-conductor or multi-conductor shielded cables, are ideal for fabrication, repair, re-work while restoring the electrical integrity of the cable.

Used for splicing a wide range of cables, including co-axial and multi-conductor cables.

Features & Benefits
• Flux-coated, solder-impregnated copper shield braid encased in a transparent heat-shrinkable insulation sleeve provides a controlled soldering process, encapsulation, insulation, strain relief and inspectability
• One-piece design provides easy installation
• Full 360º shielding results in EMI protection and shield continuity equal to or better than original cable
• Conductor splices are performed by controlled MiniSeal® crimp products which are recognised by MIL-S-81824 & MIL-W-5088

Specifications / Approvals
• US: M81824 (conductor splice only)
• UK: RAF AP 1130-2008-1

Download the PDF for SolderShield® Splice Kit - Shielded cable splices

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Devices PCB image


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