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Specialist Cables

Used in a wide variety of demanding industrial and commercial applications, including factory automation and robotics, materials handling, processing, packaging and building services.As a distributor we ensure the end product is of the highest order. All of the specialist cables we supply have been tested by the manufacturer to meet stringent quality and durability requirements. Such testing ensures reliability on site, making for cost effective installation.

The more complex the application, the more bespoke cables have to be produced. We select manufacturers with many years of experience of materials such as PVC, PUR, Rubber, Silicone, TPE and Low smoke halogen free compounds, from basic multi-core cables to composite cables we can help to design a cable to a customers exact requirements. Of course, a custom cable does not always have to be highly complex and from printing customer details to a change of outer sheath colour, we are always willing to assist in solving your requirements.

Complete range of cables for all aspects of nuclear engineering: power, control, coaxial, telecoms, umbilical, or composite. Cables can be individually or overall shielded, armoured and reinforced.
• Resist radiation doses up to 200 Mrads
• Flame retardant to IEC 332.1 & 332.3

Broad capability of cables for naval marine and land based applications.
• Hybrid cables, eg. for telescopic antennae
• Cables for submarine detection

A wide range of special and standard cables designed for your robotic and drag chains applications.
• F3 for short drag chain applications
• F1 Gold, for extreme conditions

Marine and Underwater
Providing both composite electrical and optical cables for many applications such as ROVs, seabed vehicle umbilicals to ship and submarine.
• ROV tethers
• Detection and Sonar

No matter your application, we can offer a cable that will meet your needs, please see overview in the PDF linked below or call us for more information.
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